New HVAC installation in Indian Trail

We love to install new heating and air conditioning systems in Indian Trail. Why you might ask. Well its simple. This is where we live, play, and go to school. My oldest goes to Hemby Bridge and our twins will be attending kindergarten there this year. We get to interact with our neighbors and get to know them. This is what makes work fun. We also enjoy our neighbors in Matthews NC, Weddington NC, Waxhaw NC, Stallings NC, Monroe NC, and Charlotte NC. Professionally installing, repairing, and maintaining heating and air conditioning systems is what we do but its really the people we serve that make our job fun and exciting. Its the high level of service we provide to them in a time of need that is so rewarding. There in something special about watching our neighbors go from hot and sweaty, to dry, comfortable and cool on a hot summer day. Or from freezing cold to warm and toasty on a cold North Carolina winter morning. So its not always what you do that is important but rather who you serve. Thank you to all our Healthy Home customers that have trusted us with their HVAC needs and wants!

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Job well done in Matthews NC

We just finished up a large replacement job in Matthews NC. We installed a new 2 stage variable speed Infinity system and the homeowners are ecstatic. We also installed an Infinity zone system which enables the homeowner to regulate the temperature on their first and second floor. If you have problems with uneven temperatures, a zone system is the way to go. This type of a system also dehumidifies the air letting you raise the temperature at the thermostat saving you even more money. It was a challenging job but rewarding!

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Why equipment brand is not so important

Most people understand that when they need to replace their HVAC system they are going to purchase a new piece of equipment. The reality is that the equipment is only a small part of the new “system”, about 10%. Let me explain. Although, I don’t fall into the camp that says “equipment brand doesn’t matter at all.” I am miles away from those who say that the brand is the most important factor to consider. The truth is, you can purchase the most expensive piece of equipment yet, if it is not installed properly it will not last or perform the way it was designed to. Conversely, you can purchase the least expensive brand, and if installed properly, it will perform better and last longer than the expensive brand. The key to any new HVAC system lasting and performing great is the quality of the install. Its important to trust that your HVAC company installing the new system will do it properly. Consumer Reports completed a study a few years ago to determine what’s most important when having a new HVAC system installed. They looked at factors such as the type of installation, the brand, the efficiency, and even price. The conclusion of the article states that the most important factor when installing a new system is that finding a trustworthy contractor matters most. More than brand, more than efficiency and even more than price. This is good common sense advise that is true for almost any purchasing decision. I hope this information assists you in becoming a more educated consumer.

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Saving Money The Easy Way

Its the small things we do everyday that save us a lot of money over time. When it comes to your home comfort system there are a few things you can do that will save you money and untimely headaches. First is, make sure your filters are changed regularly. This is extremely important for maximum energy efficiency. Just think how much harder you would have to breath if someone blocked half of your windpipe. Its no different for your heating and air conditioning system. Next is, have your system professionally cleaned and tuned up by a qualified company. You may pay some money for this service but the energy savings will outway the cost. Finally, consider having a programmable thermostat installed. This will maximize your energy savings by shutting the A/C or furnace off while the home is unoccupied. According to Energy Star this can save you up to 30% on your utility bills if programmed properly. At Healthy Home Heating & Air we can provide all of these services for you at a reasonable cost. With the hot weather ready to start here in Charlotte you may want to consider some if not all of these recommendations!

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Easy ways to save money this year

Dear Friends,

Did you know that you can save a bunch of money just by performing a couple of things a year. First always change your filter regularly. If you have a standard 1″ fiberglass filter you should change it once a month. If you have an upgraded pleated filter such as one you purchased at a big box store then follow the recommended filter change requirements by the filter manufacturer. It’s important to remember that although your instructions may say “change every 3 months” that you inspect the filter regularly to see if it may be dirty. Second, always have your A/C, heat pump, or gas furnace professionally cleaned and tuned up by a licensed and certified HVAC company. This will ensure that your unit is working at peak efficiency all year round and head off any major problems due to neglect. I hope this has been helpful.

Always here to help

Bill Seith

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